In the Name of HASHEM, G-d Eternal
In the Name of HASHEM, G-d Eternal

The 13 Fundamental Principles Of Our Torah Tradition

With Tolerance, Respect, and Love for Jews of Other Torah Traditions

Michael Shelomo Bar-Ron, Nissan 5775

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Dedicated to All My Students and Friends, Jewish and Noahide

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A special thank you to the following individuals
for their important contributions to this work:

Mori Shelomo ben Avraham of Mechon Mamre
Levana Bar-Ron, my esheth ḥayil and life partner
Akiva and Chana Abrams

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Whereas most everyone has heard of Judaism’s 13 Principles of Faith according to RaMBaM, but few are aware that our entire Torah tradition, as students of the RaMBaM, can divided into 13 fundamental principles as well.

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  1. The Essence of Israel’s Eternal Covenant: Striving to Keep the Whole Torah, according to Oral Tradition, as a God-given Constitutional Law
  2. The Sanhedrin and Talmud: the Very Foundation of the Oral Law and its Final Repository
  3. New Rabbinical Laws and Customs that Developed in the Absence of a Sanhedrin
  4. Halakhah (Law) and Aggadah (Legend)
  5. When to be Strict, When to be Lenient
  6. The True Reason for Jewish Suffering Throughout the Ages, and the Failures of Traditional Jewish Leadership
  7. The Best and Most Practical Way to Learn and Practice the Entire Halakhah: The Bible and Rambam’s Mishneh Torah
  8. Are All Aspects of the RaMBaM´s Philosophy Sacrosanct?
  9. How to Properly Train in Torah as Jews and Righteous Non-Jews
  10. Taking Responsibility for One’s Own Torah Learning and the Role of One´s Rabbi
  11. Fulfilling the Commandments in a Spirit of Joy, Goodness of Heart, and Humility
  12. The Torah’s Inherent Zionism, with the Long-Term Goal of a Torah State under a Sanhedrin, with a Holy Temple, and a Righteous Jewish King
  13. The Unique Warrior Art of the Jewish People: The Key to a Healthy and Safe Jewish Nation in a Hostile World

This list, with explanations and sources, has evolved over the last 12 years, according to the wisdom HaShem has granted me over 20 years of my Torah training. If they succeed in helping others to come away with a clearer, more concise, organized, and more accurate understanding of the fundamentals of our faith, then the work has fulfilled its purpose, and I thank and bless HaShem for the da`ath (wisdom).

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