In the Name of HASHEM, G-d Eternal
In the Name of HASHEM, G-d Eternal

New “Oral Torah from Sinai” Video Interview

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  1. Benyamin tzvi israel Says:

    what is the Torath Moshe view on zionism (having a “jewish”* state before the coming of the moshiach, and which docrine would you say is the most authentic/ancient ranging from Neuturie karta to meir kahane.

    also what is the veiw on darwinian evolution and the big bang? i have asked several Rabbis this and have answers ranging from absaloute “the world is 6 thousand years old and man is man and apes are apes” and that ” the bible is more of a philosphy and book of how to lead ones life rather than a history book.

    *the definition of a jew in according to the state of israel is somone with one jewish grandparent who could of been a reconstructal jew. the definition of a jew in secular zionism may not always be a halachick jew

  2. barron Says:

    b’Shem HASHEM El `olam

    Dear Binyamin Tzvi,

    These are giant subjects you’ve raised that deserve large treatises to explain properly. Being that they are so devisive, without the opportunity to present our approach satisfactorily, I generally feel it best not to get into them. Nonetheless, I’m bothered enough by the inherent fallacies in your question, that I’ll attempt an answer. After all the time it took to write, I hope you will give it the respect and time it requires to understand and research properly.

    First of all, while an individual with one Jewish grandparent is eligible for `aliyah, they are not considered as Jews by the state.

    Secondly, true Torah Zionism began centuries before Herzl and his followers. Were talking about the belief that Jews are obligated to take initiative in returning to the land of Israel and establishing a Jewish commonwealth according to Torah Law, without waiting for the advent of the Messiah-king. Herzl was not even in diapers when great rabbis from the Sefardic world (three of them being my personal ancestors) created the cornerstone of the modern return to Zion — the community of Jaffa: Rabbi Yehudah Bivas z”l, Rabbi Yehudah Alkalay z”l, Rabbi Yehudah HaLevi z”l from Dubrovnik, Rabbi Aharon Moyal z”l, Rabbi Yosef Bin-Nun etc. Based on the teachings of Rav Yehudah HaLevi, RaMBaM, RaMBaN, and the Orahh Hhaim, they dedicated their lives to awakening the Torah world to our obligation to return and re-settle the land, take up arms against the Ottoman Turks, and establish our sovereignty. While some saw the light, most of the Torah world was so entrenched in their Diaspora mind-set, so content by the flesh-pots of the exile, they couldn’t see what was coming… In World War II, it would become their grave.

    Sadly, many of those who DID answer the call early on, were liberal, Ashkenazi, Bundist, socialist apostates, who came up with their own brand of Zionism. While this European, Ashkenazi, Herzlian Zionism became the face of our ancient vision, it was as though our dream of many centuries were hijacked. Nonetheless, the Sages taught that life in exile is tantamount to SERVING IDOLS. (Laws of Kings and Wars 5:13-15[10-12]) By rejecting this idolatry, even the most secular Zionists had the merit that generations of believing Jews did not. But casting all non-Haredi Zionists as Godless is simplistic and wrong. Many of the early right-wing Zionist visionaries wanted to see the rise of a Third Temple. Even David Ben Gurion once expressed his belief that the nation would eventually return to the laws of the Torah.

    So the modern state is a fusion of different Zionist visions, and the struggle for her soul continues. The Torah Zionism I preach is the deep, ancient, biblical Zionism of my ancestors who made Yaffo the first Jewish community outside the holy cities of Tzfat, Tiberias, Jerusalem and Hebron, and who legally bought the lands of Gaza and Ekron from the Turks for Jewish settlement. Rather than sitting on the sidelines in an exile drenched with Jewish blood, we are honored to be active participants in this struggle.

    In regards to the creation of a Jewish state before the advent of the Messiah-king:

    It is clear that the opinon of Rabbenu HaRaMBaM is that none of our obligations as a nation (king, Sanhedrin, Temple) are dependent on the revelation of the ultimate Messiah-king. These topics are well clarified in Mishneh Torah, Laws of Kings and Wars. Moreover, he makes it clear that we have no idea how the events of the final Redemption will take place, or what will be their order until they occur — even giving the possibility that the people themselves will choose their own king! In fact, RaMBaM is very clear about the possibility that the king we anoint may not turn out to be prophesied Messiah-king. (Laws of Kings and Wars 11:6-9[3-4])

    Concerning the circumstances in which our modern state was created over 60 years ago, it is clear that it was formed in a situation of “piquahh nefesh” — a danger to life — that would wait for no one. In the aftermath of the holocaust, Jews were being massacred by Arabs with the tacit approval of the wicked British colonial government (e.g. the Hebron massacre). At the same time, ships bringing starving Jewish survivors from Europe were being turned back off the very coast of the Land, to be slaughtered by Hitler (may his name be blotted out)… Whoever was present to erect our modern state did so out of fear for the very survival of the Jewish People (and for good reason). Such conditions override nearly all Torah commandments. (M.T. Book of Seasons, Laws of Shabboth 2:1) Had the rest of the Torah world heeded the voice of halakhah, that state would have been much more Torah-oriented than it is. But like I wrote above, most chose not to, and history waits for no one.

    This, of course, does not excuse the wretched sins of apostates who have shaped policy in the Israeli government. However it DOES show that the great miracles and biblical prophecies that were fulfilled THROUGH the state and its victories, and the mass return to Torah Judaism it unintentionally facilitated (in one of our history’s greatest ironies), were not an anomaly. All this has been through HaShem’s compassion and patience with His People, who are largely doing the best they can, according to what they know, and under the most trying circumstances: 64 years of non-stop war, full control by a small Hellenistic elite, and deep societal divisions.

    In full belief that all HaShem has wrought in the last 64 years are part of the fulfillment of Ezekiel 37, and in recognition of the importance of our country (with all its problems) to our survival and destiny, we are among her proud citizens. Accordingly, we see Neturei Karta largely as a gang of traitors, deserving of excommunication. Their reliance on the oath that Israel allegedly swore to HaShem as they went into exile following the destruction of the Second Temple (Talmud tr. Kethuboth 111a) that Israel not to “go up like a wall” (conquer Israel by massive force) is lamentable: This is in the realm of midrash aggadah (legend and homily), having no legal import whatsoever. (see below)

    Consider the following (mostly an excerpt from my book “Guide for the Noahide” (Lightcatcher Books 2010):

    * Unlike the Egyptian and Babylonian exiles, the current Edomite exile never had a widely-known prophetic “end date” of the exile. Therefore, the modern Zionists cannot be compared to the tribe of Ephraim who “jumped the gun”, attempting to conquer the Land before the appointed time (I Chronicles 7:20-22 cf. Midrash Rabbah Shir haShirim 2:7).

    • The oaths of Kethuboth 111a are not so much as mentioned in Mishneh Torah, the encyclopedic Code of Jewish Law. They could not possibly have legal import, since Jewish law is not decided on the basis of midrash aggadah (legend and homily). Moreover, it remains an active rabbinical injunction that Jews must dwell in the Land. (Laws of Kings & Wars 5:15[12])

    There is nothing in the law limiting how many Jews may return home to the land at any one time, or to what extent they are permitted to arm and defend themselves and take political control in order to ensure their survival, and their freedom to keep the mitzvoth. Such quotas and limitations were imposed on the Jews by non-Jewish powers with anti-Semitic agendas; not HaShem, and not our Sages of blessed memory.

    • The above oath mentioned in Talmud is the context of three other oaths, including two oaths that the nations allegedly swore to HaShem: not to persecute the Jews too much and not to exterminate them. After the blood libels, crusades, Inquisition (in Europe and the Americas), the pogroms in Europe, the massacres of Jewish towns by Mohammed, and the holocausts… the oaths of the nations have been violated — making the entire parcel invalid. Even so, the oath that Israel not rebel against the nations of the world was not violated with the formation of the state of Israel, which was founded with the official agreement of the body representing the nations of the world, the United Nations.

    • According to practical Torah law, the Commandments of anointing a king (Laws of Kings 1:1-3[1-2]), establishing the Great Sanhedrin and smaller high courts with a loyal police force in every city of Israel (Laws of Sanhedrin 1:1-3[1-2]) and building the Temple (Book of Service, Laws of the Chosen House 1:1) are obligations on every generation and do not depend on the advent of the Messiah-king.* (see below for a fuller explanation) This is full proof that Jews are always expected — whenever it becomes possible — to establish a Jewish state in the land of Israel when there is none, even by force.

    A full refutation of these anti-Zionist arguments and more is found in the seminal work of Rabbi Shlomo Teichtal, Eim haBanim Semeichah, available in English through Urim Publications. (

    As for your question on Darwinian evolution and the Big Bang, this is not the forum to discuss “ma`aseh Bereshith” (the work of Creation). In short, Rabbenu taught that one must understand Physics in order to understand Metaphysics. You really have no right to an opinion either way without having a proper background in both the Torah and the science. According to my personal background in Torah and Biological Anthropology (30 years of study), it is widely known even throughout the scientific world that Darwin was in error on a number of points. Nonetheless, I see a lot of ignorance and reactionary thinking in the knee-jerk rejection of evolution and Big Bang theory by much of the Haredi world. Nonetheless, they may be right in steering their flocks away from these subjects, as there are precious few teachers who know how to teach these things from a proper Torah viewpoint.

    Ultimately, however one understands the Aggadic verses of Bereshith — so long as he recognizes their Divine origin and believes in their absolute truth, The Big Bang and Evolution should not be reasons for division among God-fearing Jews who accept the entire Written and Oral Torah. As a People and a Nation, we face much greater challenges.

    With Torah Blessings,

    Mori Michael Shelomo Bar-Ron, Beth Midrash Ohel Moshe

  3. Benyamin tzvi israel Says:

    After giving such an extensive answer and the fact that it was written so promptly after asking it I can only apologise at the crudity of the way I asked my questions.

    I have asked and emailed many rabbis these questions but I must admit that I never been given an answer that is so full of wisdom and knowledge and that is written so powerfully that it puts all others to shame.

    I agree that we face as a people much more important challenges than worrying about Darwinistic Evolution or the Big Bang. However I was born to a secular Jewish family in London and I did attend a Jewish school and several friend of mine who had come from extremely religious families “lose faith” after reading THE SELFISH GENE or THE GOD DELUSION by Richard Dawkins (both of which I have read and had lead me to abandon the literal reading of the Adam and Eve story).

    After such a brilliant and extensive answer on Zionism I would not expect such an answer on evolution or the big bang theory.

    But from a man like yourself I would be fully content with a simple yes or no without any explanation if you believe it is acceptable to believe in such theories.

  4. barron Says:

    Shalom Binyamin Tzvi,

    Thank you for your kind response and explanation. I sent you a full response to your queries privately. I hope it helps you.

    With Torah Blessings from Beth Shemesh,

    Mori Michael Shelomo Bar-Ron

  5. Dor Says:

    Quoting you: To claim loyalty to the authentic halakhah of RaMBaM on one hand, and to encourage non-Jews who are unable to access a proper Beth Din to convert themselves –that such conversion is fully kosher– is disingenuous. RaMBaM states unequivocally: “One who immerses by himself and converts by himself or even before two [witnesses] is not a convert.” (Laws of Forbidden Sexual Relations 13:6) What part of this law is unclear?

    RaMBaM says “One who immerses by himself and converts by himself or even before two [witnesses] is not a convert.”

    He doesn’t say One who immerses by himself and converts by himself or even before more than two [witnesses] is not a convert.

    He clearly says before two [witnesses] is not a convert.”

    This means that if it is more than two witnesses it would be considred as kosher and valid. It doesn’t work that way that any person can perform a conversion by him/her-self of course. Only in some very rare cases, period.

  6. barron Says:

    Shalom Sir,

    I do not see how you are arguing with my point — if that was your intention. It seems like you are trying to validate my point (please correct me if I’m wrong). Also, why did you post your comment under my “Oral Torah from Sinai” Video, instead of in response to my statement of non-association with Dor Deah?


    Mori Michael Shelomo Bar-Ron

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