In the Name of HASHEM, G-d Eternal
In the Name of HASHEM, G-d Eternal

Message Regarding the Recent Terror Attacks

City of Jerusalem, from inside the walls of the old city

10 Heshwan 5776

Shalom Dearest Students, Friends, and Family,

First of all, thank you so much for several of you who asked about our well-being after the terror attack here in Ramat Beit Shemesh.  Barukh HaShem we are all fine.  The attack happened in a nearby neighborhood, but not our own.  Nonetheless, it hit very close to our hearts, as friends of ours witnessed the incident.  Until now, Beit Shemesh has been in the eye of the storm, with everything happening only around us.

In truth, the hatred of the Arabs has made the whole land into a battlefront for quite some time already.  But let that not deter you, our brother and sister Jews, from walking the path of Avraham avinu, which does not only mean shedding one’s idols for the true God, but also following HaShem to the Promised Land when the Canaanites were already settled here.

Instead of allowing fear to take hold of your hearts — which is tantamount to granting victory to the terrorists (it’s only we, ourselves, who can truly allow them to “terrorize” us) — let the struggle galvanize you to come join and strengthen us in our epic struggle.  What greater Heavenly reward and feeling of accomplishment could there be than for those making `Aliyah in tough times that scare off the faint-hearted?

Just as I did last Thursday, I walked  down Yaffo (Jaffa) Street in Jerusalem today, its cafes and stores bustling with faithful Jews of all stripes.  In times like these, it couldn’t be clearer:

every new Jewish home that is built here,
every legal Jewish firearm bought or brought here,
every successful day of school for our children here,
every Jewish footstep in the Land,
every verse of Torah recited here,
every prayer uttered in every Israeli synagogue,
every happy smile on any Israeli face, every single day 
these are all very real triumphs against the forces of darkness.

To all my Jewish family, friends and students: you are invited to add your new homes, your legal firearms, your kids’ school-days, your footsteps, your words of Torah, your prayers, and your happy smiles to this holy landscape.

In truth, the whole civilized world is a battlefront in this war, however slow the rest of the world may be in recognizing that.  So, to our Jewish brothers and sisters, I beckon you to come where it counts the most for us all — and let it be soon.  However comfortable we may have become elsewhere, let’s not wait for disaster to remind us:  אין לנו ארץ אחרת —  We Israelites have no other country, no other home.  This is not a situation that will change, but will only intensify.  I conclude with the words of the prophets Yirmiyahu (Jeremiah) and Yehezqel (Ezekiel) for you to ponder:

Yirmiyahu (Jeremiah) 30:10-11

י  וְאַתָּה אַל-תִּירָא עַבְדִּי יַעֲקֹב נְאֻם-יְהוָה, וְאַל-תֵּחַת יִשְׂרָאֵל–כִּי הִנְנִי מוֹשִׁיעֲךָ מֵרָחוֹק, וְאֶת-זַרְעֲךָ מֵאֶרֶץ שִׁבְיָם; וְשָׁב יַעֲקֹב וְשָׁקַט וְשַׁאֲנַן, וְאֵין מַחֲרִיד.

10 Therefore fear thou not, O Jacob My servant, saith HaShem; neither be dismayed, O Israel; for, lo, I will save thee from afar, and thy seed from the land of their captivity; and Jacob shall again be quiet and at ease, and none shall make him afraid.

יא  כִּי-אִתְּךָ אֲנִי נְאֻם-יְהוָה, לְהוֹשִׁיעֶךָ:  כִּי אֶעֱשֶׂה כָלָה בְּכָל-הַגּוֹיִם אֲשֶׁר הֲפִצוֹתִיךָ שָּׁם, אַךְ אֹתְךָ לֹא-אֶעֱשֶׂה כָלָה, וְיִסַּרְתִּיךָ לַמִּשְׁפָּט, וְנַקֵּה לֹא אֲנַקֶּךָּ.

11 For I am with thee, saith the LORD, to save thee; for I will make a full end of all the nations whither I have scattered thee, but I will not make a full end of thee; for I will correct thee in measure, and will not utterly destroy thee.

Yehezqel (Ezekiel) 29:25-29

כה  לָכֵן, כֹּה אָמַר אֲדֹנָי יְהוִה, עַתָּה אָשִׁיב אֶת-שבית (שְׁבוּת) יַעֲקֹב, וְרִחַמְתִּי כָּל-בֵּית יִשְׂרָאֵל; וְקִנֵּאתִי, לְשֵׁם קָדְשִׁי.

25 Therefore thus saith HaShem God: Now will I bring back the captivity of Jacob, and have compassion upon the whole house of Israel; and I will be jealous for My holy name.

כו  וְנָשׂוּ, אֶת-כְּלִמָּתָם, וְאֶת-כָּל-מַעֲלָם, אֲשֶׁר מָעֲלוּ-בִי–בְּשִׁבְתָּם עַל-אַדְמָתָם לָבֶטַח, וְאֵין מַחֲרִיד.

26 And they shall bear their shame, and all their breach of faith which they have committed against Me, when they shall dwell safely in their land, and none shall make them afraid;

כז  בְּשׁוֹבְבִי אוֹתָם, מִן-הָעַמִּים, וְקִבַּצְתִּי אֹתָם, מֵאַרְצוֹת אֹיְבֵיהֶם; וְנִקְדַּשְׁתִּי בָם, לְעֵינֵי הַגּוֹיִם רַבִּים.

27 when I have brought them back from the peoples, and gathered them out of their enemies’ lands, and am sanctified in them in the sight of many nations.

כח  וְיָדְעוּ, כִּי אֲנִי יְהוָה אֱלֹהֵיהֶם, בְּהַגְלוֹתִי אֹתָם אֶל-הַגּוֹיִם, וְכִנַּסְתִּים עַל-אַדְמָתָם; וְלֹא-אוֹתִיר עוֹד מֵהֶם, שָׁם.

28 And they shall know that I am HaShem their God, in that I caused them to go into captivity among the nations, and have gathered them unto their own land; and I will leave none of them any more there;

כט  וְלֹא-אַסְתִּיר עוֹד פָּנַי, מֵהֶם, אֲשֶׁר שָׁפַכְתִּי אֶת-רוּחִי עַל-בֵּית יִשְׂרָאֵל, נְאֻם אֲדֹנָי יְהוִה.

29 neither will I hide My face any more from them; for I have poured out My spirit upon the house of Israel, saith HaShem God.’

May we see  the Redemption of Sion (Zion) and Yerushalayim soon and speedily in our days.

With Blessings of Shalom we-Nisahon — Peace and Victory,

Rabbi Michael Shelomo Bar-Ron

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    May HaShem bless you and protect you always

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    Thank you very much Dayanna — and may he bless and protect you always as well! Your presence in our classes is a blessing.

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