In the Name of HASHEM, G-d Eternal
In the Name of HASHEM, G-d Eternal

About Us

Beth Midrash Ohel Moshe (meaning “house of teaching”) is the Torah education wing of  Shirutei Ohel Moshe ® (Ohel Moshe Services).  This small organization represents a group of Orthodox Torah educators and hardworking Jewish fathers and grandfathers in Israel, dedicated to spreading authentic Torah-particularly the teachings of Rambam (Rav Moshe ben Maimon of blessed memory).  Our unifying goal is to help Jews and non-Jews to live by these sacred laws in every way we can, so that our children will inherit a healthier, more normal Jewish world (in the eternal eyes of the Torah) than the one we grew up in. That is, by providing Torah teaching, community (both physical and online), providing extremely hard-to-find religious articles (tephillin, mezuzoth, meghilloth, Torah scrolls) for sale, and a Sedaqah (charity) fund for the needy.

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Our organization and its small spiritual center in Israel were founded and are actively managed by Mori* Michael Shelomo Bar-Ron.  The Beith Midrash and its office serve as:

  • a research center for Mori Michael Shelomo’s Torah educational projects,
  • a center for ongoing Torah classes in halakhah,
  • a center of unique minyanim (prayer services) strictly according to Talmudic halakhah on Jewish holidays,
  • a center for professional English courses and beginning Hebrew language training,
  • and more.

It should be mentioned that, true to halakhah according to RaMBaM and the ancient Sages of Israel, no money is accepted for our classes.  All that is expected is that students remain loyal to the tenets of authentic Torah belief and to the honor of our work, consistent in their attendance, and sincere in their desire to learn and grow.


Towards the greater goal of restoring the crown of authentic Torah to its former glory, Ohel Moshe publicizes research to spread awareness of the historicity and importance of the warrior traditions maintained by Habbani Jewry — a living remnant of the ancient, warrior tradition of the Jewish People.  (See Quotes 20-31 on our homepage)

Mori Michael Shelomo Bar-Ron no longer represents Abir/Qesheth Hebrew Warrior Arts ®; neither does he teach in the same style of his former grandmaster, the Aluf Abir.   The Abir system, a vast sea of wisdom, requires many long years to properly master — even for adults.  In the meantime, children and untrained adult Torah scholars have very real self-defense needs that deserve to be answered in spite of their poor coordination, and limited time to train.  For this very reason, even during his 3-year tenure as an instructor-in-training under the Aluf Abir, Mori Michael Shelomo often found himself forced into the role of innovation.  Nonetheless, children have so much to gain from learning to fight in HaShem‘s Name with the Torah concepts and natural fluid movement of our ancestors.

Therefore, with enduring loyalty to and reverence for the sacred traditions in which he trained for years, Mori Michael Shelomo continues to teach children in a unique system of his own, under development. He does so as a Wingate College-certified instructor in self-defense in the Abir/Qesheth system.  Nonetheless, he feels that his own developing style –while  infused with the holy wisdom of its Habbani roots– might better fit the day-to-day needs of Israeli youth and adults lacking physical training.

Mori Michael Shelomo does this not for the sake of profit (there is little, if any, to be made), neither for honor.  In truth, all honor is due the Aluf Abir Yehoshua Sofer, the giant of this generation in Hebrew warriorship, preserver and restorer of Israel’s ancient fighting systems. Mori Michael’s efforts, which are small in comparison, are for the sake of Heaven only, so that all may have practical benefit from the warrior flame of our forefathers.


Another goal of our organization is to publicize the solid rabbinical foundation for the recognition of Bene Yisrael Jews of India as a community that is ideally permitted to marry into, even by kohanim and Torah scholars of all Jewish ethnic groups.  In light of the climate of prejudice within the Ashkenazi-dominated Haredi world, these sources stand to dispel much ignorance, and right a great wrong done this holy, humble and most ancient ethnic community of the Jewish People.


We believe that organizations like this are necessary for helping Jews and non-Jews (as descendants of NoaH)-to return to the true Torah of Moshe Rabbenu (Moses our teacher), peace be upon him, according to their respective Covenants with HaShem our God.

The hope of world-wide teshuvah (Hebrew for “repentance” or “return”), as fantastic as it may seem, is arguably more alive in the current age than ever. We live in a time of incredible technology that can facilitate Torah learning on an unprecedented scale. It is a time of breathtaking scientific advancement, with research tools never before available. It is also a time of global economic decline and general despair, in which many are open to and looking for answers.

At the same time, however, disdain for the God of Israel, the Torah of Israel, and the Jewish claim to the Land of Israel-especially among liberal bastions of education-are reaching ever higher levels. It is as if the world were preparing itself, once again, for another Holocaust, God forbid… amidst another world war that could wipe out much of humanity.

Taking full advantage of this time of general confusion, many leaders today speak of the need for “change.” We understand that the real ‘change’ the world really needs is that which will bring the mercy, blessing and protection of HaShem our God, avert His Wrath, and help individuals, communities nations to navigate this stormy prelude to the Messianic age… And that requires more than what appeals to people’s pocketbooks, and their notions of political correctness. It requires more fear of God, than of the Arab world and its needy Western customers. It requires trusting honest, God fearing, true Torah scholars more than the controlled, biased and poorly-informed media. Above all, we need the kind of change that gets people to actually think critically yet humbly, in a God-centered way, to look beyond our own small lives and limited experience.

We realize all too well that it is not expected (nor is it possible) for us to do this job alone… yet neither are we free to abstain from it. (Mishnah Avoth 2:19) It is our most fervent hope that HaShem‘s Name will be sanctified through our humble work, that through our efforts “the Torah be made great and glorified.” (Yisha`yahu [Isaiah] 42:21)


* According to Ashkenazi Jewish tradition, recognized Torah teachers are traditionally called “rebbe” or “rabbi” after being given a degree of “semikhah” (rabbinical ordination) by their teachers. However, this custom was not well received by the Torah schools of Spain, North Africa, the Holy Land and the East. Since the unbroken chain of true semikhah (Mosaic ordination of Torah judges, stretching all the way back to Moses at Sinai), ceased 1600 years ago, there have been no Torah teachers befitting of the title rabi (“rabbee”), an ordained judge. Accordingly, Torah teachers are called Hhakham (“wise one”) in Sefaradic / Middle Eastern Jewish tradition. In Yemenite Jewish tradition, one is called m’ori (מארי), meaning “my light”. The pronunciation is identical to mori (מורי), meaning “my teacher”. While Mori Michael (pronounced “Mee-kha-el”) Shelomo, like many Torah teachers, has a paper signed by recognized Torah elders certifying his “rabbinical ordination”, he prefers m’ori, the humble title of the teachers of children in Yemen.  In spite of this growing career in Torah teacher and writer, he sees himself as a growing student in Torah, not a rabbinical authority.