In the Name of HASHEM, G-d Eternal
In the Name of HASHEM, G-d Eternal

Beith Midrash

New “Oral Torah from Sinai” Video Interview

Our Total Non-Affiliation with “Dor De`ah”

b’Shem HASHEM El `olam To Whomever It May Concern: The following statement is made with no intention to neither insult nor defame anyone, but purely in the defense of Torah truth.  Moreover, we in no way infer any bad intentions on anyone’s part.  Our protest is not against people, but against actions and statements made […]

Reclaiming Our Holiness In The Internet Age

“YOU SHALL NOT GO ASTRAY AFTER YOUR HEART AND AFTER YOUR EYES” (Num. 15:39) Mori Michael Shelomo Bar-Ron, Tishre 5771 (September 2010) Note to non-Jews: The following article applies to Jews according to the high standard demanded of us by God, as his appointed nation of priests. (Ex. 19:6) None of the Torah or rabbinical […]

The Clothes Make the Man of God

Mori Michael Shelomo Bar-Ron This is the week of TeSawweh (that’s Tetzaveh for the un-initiated in ancient Hebrew pronunciation) – the Torah portion about sacred clothing, the clothing that would distinguish the Kohen-priests, particularly the High Priest, in their sacred duties. It is also the week I was interviewed by Tamar Yonah (a true honor) […]


Many ignorant people in the world hold on to a false assumption that the Oral Law of the Torah was invented by the Talmudic sages.  Without going into all the reasons why it is so absurd and all the proofs for the antiquity of the Oral tradition, I will suffice for now to bring just […]


According to Seder `Olam Rabbah – the great timeline of Jewish history written by Yose ben Halafta in 160 of the Common Era, the tabernacle in Shilo stood for 369 years, from the year 2502 from Creation, until 2871 – when it was destroyed.  The year of destruction corresponds to the 13th century BCE – […]

More Hebrew Warriorship in the Mishnah!

b’Shem HASHEM El `olam 7 Marhheshwan 5770 (October 25, 2009) In ancient Israel, warriorship — particularly with staves (reed sticks) — was a part of everyday Jewish life.  See the Mishnah, Rosh haShanah 1,9: “He who saw the new moon [and must give testimony in Jerusalem] but cannot go [on his own] — he is […]

Interview with Mori Michael S. Bar-Ron on Arutz 7 Radio

In the Name of HASHEM, God Eternal 2 Heshwan 5770 (20 October 2009) In the spirit of parashath NoaH 5770, Jeremy Gimpel and Ari Abramowitz interviewed me on their radio show, “A Light Unto the Nations” regarding the launch of my new book, “Guide For the Noahide” and surprised me with a question regarding my work to restore the Abir/Qesheth Hebrew Warrior Arts.  […]

Ancient Tefillin Wrapping

The ancient method of wrapping Tefillin, as preserved by the Banei Abir clan of Habbani Yemenite Jewry. (Note: the music is Iraqi, not Yemenite) מנהג הנחת תפילין עתיק יומין שנשתמרה ע”י בית האב ה-‘בני אביר’ של ק”ק יהודי חבאן יוצאי תימן, כשם שנלמד מן ה-אלוף אביר מארי יחיא יהושע אבנר סופר מעטוף-דוח אל-חבאני שליט”א. הארה: […]

Beth Midrash Ohel Moshe

A video portrayal of our budding community based on authentic Torah according to the pure path of the Mishneh Torah of RaMBaM. קהילה צומחת של תלמידי רמב”ם שנוהגים ע”פ תורה מקורית ע”פ המשנה תורה לרמב”ם ז”ל