In the Name of HASHEM, G-d Eternal
In the Name of HASHEM, G-d Eternal


Here are websites with many merits and resources you might find useful, even though we may not fully agree with all the information they contain.

Mechon Mamre
The most accurate texts of Mishneh Torah and the ancient sources of the Oral and Written Torah

Makhon Torath Moshe
This praiseworthy and informative site pre-exists our own, and served as an inspiration.  Although much of our information and teachings are parallel; it is a distinct and separate project, with views that may not always perfectly match our own.

Bet Yahdut Sefarad
Excellent Torah site for Portuguese ‘Bene Anussim’, and Noahides

Lightcatcher Productions
Important literature, particularly “Riddle of the Exodus” by the famed Noahide scholar James D. Long, proving the historicity of the Exodus from Egypt.

Outreach Judaism
Homepage for the incredible anti-Christian missionary work of Rabbi Tuvia Singer

The Leviticus Scroll
An ancient 2nd Temple-period Humash written on “gewil mu’ubad”.  It reveals the antiquity of RaMBaM’s tradition of ritual tanning, and the tenacity of a few ancients to hold on to the original Hebrew script…

Faith of Abraham
Biblical Monotheism for all; Information on Noahide Laws from Mishneh Torah; Disregarded & Abandoned Halakha

Living by the Rambam
General Discussion Board for students of RaMBaM

Jewish Future
a powerful glimpse of Jewish history, and our current pivotal juncture

Jersualem Crown TaNaKh
modern print of the Kether Aram Soba

Jewish Encyclopedia Online
This website contains the complete contents of the 12-volume Jewish Encyclopedia, which was originally published between 1901-1906. The Jewish Encyclopedia, which recently became part of the public domain, contains over 15,000 articles and illustrations.

Kabbalah of History

Temani Net
A great source for Yemenite Jews

Nosach Teman   Excellent specialty store for Yemenite Jewish products.

Mitteman Yavo
A friendly non-RaMBaMi, Yemenite yeshiva in Yerushalayim

Daily Prayer & Submission
Although innaccurate in a few points, this is an important demonstration of the proper way to bow during prayer, with commentary in the annotations.

Proper Preparations for Kosher Slaughter
A video demonstration of the proper way to check the knife prior to kosher animal slaughter, according to RaMBaM.

Ohel Abraham, the Sephardic Orthodox Community of Rotterdam, Netherlands
A warm, dynamic, new and quickly-growing community of Jews and ‘Hasside Umoth `Olam’ (Noahides) in Rotterdam, Netherlands.