In the Name of HASHEM, G-d Eternal
In the Name of HASHEM, G-d Eternal

The Halakhic Position of HaRav Ovadiah Yosef shlit”a

with the Comment of HaRav Zalman Nechemiah Goldberg shlit”a

JERUSALEM 10 Shevat 5758 [February 6, 1998] ירושלים

To the Honor of:

Rabbi David Talkar and Rabbis of the Bene Yisrael Community from India

“The Lord[’s Providence] is over them, may they live” [Isaiah 38:17]


To your request, I hereby clarify by this authoritative statement of Torah Wisdom [da’at Torah] that the Bene Yisrael community from India, are kosher Jews for all purposes, and are permitted to enter the community and marry with all Israel, without any question and without any need for checks and clarifications.


And it is a great deed [mitzvah] to attach oneself to them and to bring them close with ‘cords of love’ to the observance of Torah and mitzvot, and to accept them to Torah educational institutions, the talmudei Torah and yeshivot, for all of them are graced with good character traits and a good heart, and they love to be brought close to Torah, and turn their attentive ear to the voice of the Torah sages and those who carry their banner.


And G-d will [surely] be their Aid and Shield and save them in their every undertaking, for length of days and years of life in goodness and pleasantness, Amen.


[signed:] Ovadiah Yosef


* * * * *


Blessed be G-d, I read the legal decision of the Gaon Maran Rav Ovadiah Yosef shlit”a and I can only add that also the opinion of my teacher and rabbi the Gaon Rav Shmuel Rozovsky * was thus.

[signed:] Zalman Nechemiah Goldberg [Rosh Yeshivah of Sadigura Yeshivah and the Jerusalem College of Technology, Machon Lev]

* The late Gaon HaRav Shmuel Rozovski of blessed memory was the former Rosh Yeshiva of Ponevezh Yeshivah .