In the Name of HASHEM, G-d Eternal
In the Name of HASHEM, G-d Eternal

Guide for the Noahide

A Complete Manual for Living by the Noahide Laws

Oral Torah from SinaiHailed by rabbis and Noahide scholars alike, this Guide — meant for both Noahides and Jews — presents the Laws of the Noahide Covenant as never before: precisely as they were codified in Talmudic law according to the Mishneh Torah of Maimonides (RaMBaM).

The simplicity of this Covenant is striking. It requires no religious ceremonies, no sacrificial service, no priestly hierarchy. It upholds equality between men and women, all races and all colors.

It is the most basic code of human behavior that allows for a world united under the One and Only King of the Universe.

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What Rabbis Are Saying

“In a clear, thunderous voice of truth, Rabbi Bar Ron guides his readers through the Noahide Seven Commandments without deviating right or left. Like a fearless prophet, he has conscientiously chosen to appease no one but the Torah, carefully avoiding any pressure to sound politically right or to drift into esoteric interpretations and unwarranted messianic visions. I think that Rabbi Bar Ron’s ‘Guide for the Noahide’ is a ‘must have’ to every sincere person who wishes to learn the Seven Noahide Commandments.”
— Rabbi Dr. Zvi Aviner, author of Sod Siach on the Torah

Haskamah“a compilation of writings, which brings together – with wisdom and good reasoning – concepts of the Seven Laws of the Descendants of Noah for the pious of the nations of the world… I have found that he succeeded through hard work in clarifying the concepts to their details, for they are many.  Those who study [the teachings] will find in them accurate words that cover the heart of the matter.”
— from the Haskamah of Avraham Yerachmiel Rabinowits, Grand Rabbi of Ostrova-Biale

Haskamah“I wholeheartedly commend Rav Michael for his initiative, his compassion, his approach, and for his sharing the word of HaShem with the children of Noach throughout the world.  I wish him the greatest success, and hope that this book will serve its purpose of teaching and guiding all those who sincerely seek to know their divine role within HaShem’s master plan for humanity.”
— from the Haskamah of Rabbi Saul Zucker, Teaneck, NJ

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