In the Name of HASHEM, G-d Eternal
In the Name of HASHEM, G-d Eternal


Our tephillin are written on authentic qelaph parchment from skins that were processed precisely according to Talmud, Geonim and RaMBaM.  They are written by kosher, expert, HaShem-fearing soferim (scribes) in the writing-style of the traditional Sefaradi-Eastern Communities and k’thav Beith Yoseph, with taggim according to the RaMBaM.  They are encased in the highest quality housing, which is created with a special patent to hold its form over time. (scroll down for detailed information)


PRICE (not including taxes & shipping): 3,800 NIS (about $1,115)

Strap Length

Our Tephillin: Perhaps the Highest Quality and Most Authentic Kashruth in the World

There are precious few craftsmen in the whole world (Orthodox and G-dfearing) who can write on authentic qelaph and gewil; it is much harder than writing on European parchment. Even fewer know how to custom-craft the batim (housing) to the parshiyoth (the written portions), and to insert them with great care (they are more fragile than European parchments). Furthermore, we know of no batim-makers anywhere who routinely place the required dividing sinew threads that must run between the batim, according to halakhah.  Running such threads in such a way that the four sections (from hide of behemah gassah) remain snug together is nothing less than an art.  With such capabilities, our batim-maker is not only the greatest expert I know in his art, but one of the most honest and G-dfearing craftsmen I know, period.*

Regarding the qelaph-parchment:  There are only three tanners in the world we are aware of who are both expert in the ancient Yemenite tradition of tanning, are punctilious in all the details of the process according to Rambam, and produce commercially (that we are aware of).  We only work with the elder, most renowned, expert Yemenite tanner, scribe and Torah scholar, Rav Moshe Sarum.  His work and expertise is unmatched. (To read more about ‘qelaph’ as ‘halakhah from Moshe at Sinai’, see the information provided by Machon Gewil, who support our work, at 

Regarding the sofruth (the writing): While there are very few scribes who write on properly-tanned skins, not all are free of corrupt mystical beliefs.  This is a particularly sensitive issue in our work, since it is a halakhic (legal) requirement that scribal materials be written by scribes who do not harbor heretical beliefs. Being that these products are used to fulfill Torah requirements, not only rabbinical, we are very strict in this regard. Our scribes are learned men with pure and wholesome beliefs in HaShem that are completely based on the teachings of RaMBaM and ancient Talmudic literature, unaffected by corrupt mystical beliefs that have trickled into the Orthodox mainstream.

Point by point, here is what we offer:

  • Expert, beautiful writing by scribes who are kosher individuals and Torah scholars.  You are also provided with a clearly-legible photocopy of each written parshiyah (section), clearly labelled, so you can see how your parshiyoth are written.
  • Authentic qelaph me’ubadh lishmah: the skins processed with all three stages of tanning (meliHah [pickling in salt], qemiHah [soaking in barley grain solution], and mei `afSah [soaking in tannic acid]) with proper intention by the above-mentioned world-class craftsman and scholar.
  • Highest quality boxes: separated (p’rudoth), cow hide (behemah gassah), crafted by one of the greatest experts in tephillin housing in Israel, David Lavi.  They include a special patent that preserves their perfect squareness over time, preventing them from eventually opening up like a falafel (which is what happens with most p’rudoth). They also have a special substance applied to the bottoms to prevent them from warping over time.
  • Sinew thread passing between the sections of the ‘Shel Rosh’: Referred to in Hebrew as ‘Huth HiSoni’, this clearly delineates the separation of the four sections. It is an ancient Talmudic requirement that is even required by the Mishnah Berurah, yet it is ignored by the mainstream. It also requires great care and expertise. It is therefore very rare to find craftsmen who can do this properly.
  • Straps that are black on both sides, and hand made (not a requirement, but they’re higher quality).
  • Different tephillin sizes, including tiny boxes (22-25 mm), close to the size of the tephillin of our ancestors
  • A choice of writing styles: `Edoth haMizraH (Sepharadi/Eastern Communities) or k’thav Beith Yoseph, with taggim.  A photocopy of the parshiyoth (the written portions) are included in the package.
  • High Accuracy: two rigorous checks, letter by letter: one by computer, another by human eyes.

The above price (NIS 3,750) is for the standard, traditional `Edoth haMizraH (Sefaradi-Eastern communities) writing-syle with taggim, with photocopies included.  It does not include the shipping price.

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